About Jayme

This is me! I am a nurse by trade, photographer by profession and a barrel racer in my heart! But it wasn’t always like that.

I stayed home with our 4 kids for 15 years. I scrapped by on money and saved enough to buy my first professional camera in 2018. I put my heart and soul into learning my gear and editing, all self taught & self made. I finished a gallery and told myself ‘you can do better’. Pushed myself then and still pushing myself now to deliver superior images that bring a tear to your eye and are worthy of any wall in your house.

I talk to my clients like they are my friends, well honeslty most are or become friends. If you can get to know someone visually then take a look. The pictures on this page represent me and my family.

Above; Photo Credit Bret Puhl

Bottom left; Photo Credit Avery Deom